What does Heat Treatment in the Bed Bug Treatment Entail?

Heat treatments are the only toxic and chemical free treatment when it comes to treating bed bug infestation. This treatment is all about raising the temperature of the inflicted room. The pesticides have affected the environment and the individual’s health because of its misuse. Nowadays, no one can withstand the adversity caused by pesticides, so many people are preferring the heat treatments instead. This article will highlight what the heat treatments entail.

How does it work?

Like us, insects are also composed of proteins. Even enzymes entail proteins and the nature and DNA determine the place and function in the living being. When a cell is exposed to heat to around 45 degrees C or more, the DNA begins to break down and stops functioning like it is supposed to be. In a lab, you will notice the percentage kill rates of many species of insects for various times and temperatures. In order to deliver full control, a target temperature of 50 degrees C is set for two hours or 50 degrees for one hour.

The issue with the colder room and spots

Cold spots are the root cause of all the issues associated with heat treatment efficacy. So, in order to deal with cold spots, experts have to come up with a strategy. There are many situations in which there are many heat treatment experts just measure the general air temperature. This is wrong and not associated with killing the pests and their eggs which is typically undercover and located in the insulated areas. This is essential when debating to whether heat up the entire building or just the room or just the contents of the room which are being infested.

Why is it expensive?

If you find cheap services for heat treatment, beware of such companies. It is most likely a scheme to lure you in their sales. This is also not effective at all. You may end up trying multiple solutions with a thought in mind that you left no stone unturned for treating the bed bug infestation. The energy demand is so substantially high because you have to heat up the floors, walls, and ceilings. In order to supply such heat, you need huge powerful heaters that cannot be operated off the mains. And if you are considering to go for heat traitement par Cimex, feel free to ask about the equipment being used so as to see if it is fit for use.